Wednesday, October 24, 2007


On the latest edition of Cafe Babel a new dossier was published on the new feminism (a femi-fascism?) and the role of men in society, sort of having to be re-defined as women "conquer" more space in today's living structure. Also, men are changing as well, adding more variables to the apparent confusion everyone seems to be experiencing.

The truth is life isn't anymore like we remember it from our days of childhood but didn't we, in our young 30's, see this change happen in our parents? Or can we claim for ourselves this radical change in society? I think we can. Our parents did the revolution that now allows us to change the rest. Two phases of the revolution: first freedom to women, now a complete role "mix".

Nevertheless I ask myself (and you, the reader) if things will come to a new point of stability during our lifetime. What do you think the final ground will be?

For me, I'm still riding the wind of change...

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