Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Hairy Portuguese Women :-P

Giulio Zucchini - Lisbon - 12.12.2007
Donne portoghesi: baffute o piaciute?

Hairy Portuguese women
The French and Spanish joke goes that Portuguese women have moustaches.
If Portuguese women have moustaches, it's not because of militant police. The sad stereotype of what beauty should be for the female sex is not a provocation related to the fight for equality, as in Turkey where in May 2007, the women of the Kader association donned fake moustaches to criticise the absence of women in parliament. The hairiness of Portuguese ladies is a strictly Mediterranean criticism.

(thanks to Cafe Babel)

The truth is one my very first conference (in 2000, back in the day;-)), one of the British participants actually commented that he was quite surprise to see that women in Portugal looked nice! And modern! :-P

PS - of course this crap news *had* to be writen by an Italian man
PPS - another steryotype!: all Italian men are machistas

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