Friday, December 14, 2007


I'm in a quiz competion and doing well :D

Of course i'm Pat :)

blog do quiz

PS - I just found out the Quiz "works" on weekends. So if i want to keep in pace with the others, my next weekend will not be computer free...


A. said...

Pity the blog's in Portuguese only. BTW (by the way), is it just a question a day? the one on today (15th) is pretty easy to me I think... how does it work? have you played 10 days in a row??

PAT said...

One question a day, it starts every 9th day of the month.
nivel 1 - 1 point
nivel 2 - 2 point
nivel 3 - 3 point
1 extra point for being the first to answer rigth each quiz

i answered all of them rigth except the saturday one... and it was easy

today is easy too