Friday, February 1, 2008

"Ratatouille" had Best Picture Pedigree

Among the tales of depravity and violence that dominate this year's Academy Awards race sits the bright and shining "Ratatouille." A rat never seemed so sanitized.
The Pixar film landed five Oscar nominations and was ranked by many critics as one of the year's best, yet was never a serious contender for best picture. Instead, it was relegated to the relatively new category of best animated feature, which the academy began dolling out in 2002.

Directed by Brad Bird, "Ratatouille" has garnered an aggregate score of 96 on, ranking it above "Pulp Fiction"

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A. said...

I just saw the film the other day, it's so sweet! ;) It got me curious about "ratatouille" - i always thought it was a sweet :P