Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Hi from Hong Kong

Hi girls and boy

We arrive ok after a really long flight. But we found out the the flight we be even longer when returnir.. 13h hours in a row...

Here we are in Hongkong before going to sleep. (8 hours diference) The restaurants are great and our Hotel is amazing. He had sushi and miso soup for breakfast, and of course eggs and ham and croissants and all the regular stuff :) Lots ofg skysrapers.

Tomorrow we are going to Macau and checkout all Portuguese heritage.


Pat e Zr


A. said...

AHAHAHAH And to think I was the geeky one! :-D I loved having a post of you guys on the very day you arrived! Enjoy your sushi!!:-D
Have a great time!!

D. said...

Hello Mr and Mrs G.-P.!
May your trip be as great as your wedding, and have lots of fun!