Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A new found respect for brides on their wedding night...

It's true, I have a new found respect for brides on their wedding night... It's obviously so not about the "wedding night"... it's about the aftermath of the party! After being subject to hairdresser and makeup and dress and shoes and high heels and heavy bouquets and endless smiling and pictures and all the rest... finally the brilliant day comes to an end... you step out of the shoes (finally!) and before you have any other ideas, better to take care of those potential weapons hidden in your hair as hair pins and get it back to something that you can sleep with :-P
Since I'm obviously not a bride, where did all this come from? Well, I finally indulged my hairdresser into doing whatever she wanted with my hair last saturday... as a result, besides the additional time to take out the make up and the incredible relief of stepping out of the shoes (I'm so not a lady!) it took me a good 5 minutes to research and disarm these weapons (30, at least!) and additional 10 mins just to try to put the comb through what used to be my hair - which I only got back the following morning, not without a higher than usual number of casualties... And I was just a guest on a very nice wedding!

And why all this babbling around? Maybe because working at odd hours in the night is not so good for my writing skills... By the way, I should be sleeping already, to face the new night shift...

Oh these Transfer Prices... I wonder if London has any such nice activities to fill my evenings!

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