Wednesday, November 21, 2007

To be read alloud – Portuguese vs English

- In Portuguese:

Três bruxas olham para três relógios Swatch. Qual bruxa olha para qual
relógio Swatch?

- Now in English:

Three witches watch three Swatch watches. Which witch watch which
Swatch watch.

(Easy? Now for the Experts)

- Portuguese:
Três bruxas suecas e transsexuais olham para os botões de três relógios
Swatch suíços. Qual bruxa sueca transsexual olha para qual botão de
qual relógio Swatch suíço?

- Now in English:

Three Swedish switched witches watch three Swiss Swatch watch switches.
Which Swedish switched witch watch which Swiss Swatch watch witch?

(Now who says Portuguese is complicated?? ;-)

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D. said...

Amazing Internet... I had just received the French/English version ;-))

There was another one at the beginning:

Français: "de 1H58 à 2H02 : de une heure cinquante-huit à deux heures deux."
Anglais: "from two to two to two two"