Thursday, January 17, 2008

Always the biggest one!!

Amorim with Auchan will invest 200 million euros in a Mega Shopping Center in Amadora. The new shopping Center is Dolce Vita Tejo it will have 122 000 m2 shoping area and 423 000m2 of construction area, with a Leroy Merlin - 12.000 m2, a Auchan supermarket - 23.000 m2 and 9000 parking spaces. It will open in the end of 2008 and it's going to be the biggest Shopping Center in the Iberian Peninsula.

The other novelty is that it will have the first KIDZANIA of europe.
Kidzania is the brainchild of Mexican entrepreneur Xavier Lopez Ancona, CEO of La Ciudad de los Ninos. The first Kidzania opened in 1999 in the Santa Fe Shopping Mall in Mexico City.

KIDZANIA as gained the Prize for better thematic park of the world. With 6500 m2, is an entertainment and education center for kids - the first to offer kid activities based upon the oldest game of all: the role play. This center combines real environments with activities that allow kids to play to be grown ups. In a city scaled down to kid size where the most common establishments you would find in a city are recreated.

In this establishments kids paly to be adults, they perform more than 75 different real life jobs and roles, the city as its own economy and currency: the KidZo. Once they are in, kids have five hours to try as many occupations as they like. Security is of paramount importance at Kidzania. All children wear a gps bracelet. Parents are not allowed to enter the city or accompany their offspring, but they can take pictures from outside the huge glass house.

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