Thursday, January 24, 2008

My first and last post about smoking

In life you have to be smart, live by the rules but enjoy life. I'm really happy with the new law. I'm really happy to go to a restaurant and be able to see the walls and not only a cloud of smoke.
But if i was a smoker i would find alternatives like these SNUS

Swedish Snus is a moist to semi-moist, ground, oral tobacco product which is used behind the upper lip. It is a ground tobacco product dating from the late 1700s

Christopher Colombus' second journey to America brought the tobacco to Europe where it finally reached Sweden in 1638. The combination of large snuff consumption and strict state regulations have developed a unique Swedish snuff with a high quality found nowhere else in the world. (This man gets involved in lots of issues. Who says life in the old days was boring ;))

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A. said...

Really, I'm gonna die of embarassmentif someone someday finds out Columbus (the World Class Jack-Ass That Wouldn't ask for directions and insisted he was in India despite there were no Hindus nor elephants nor spices!) was Portuguese. Of course he *had* to be responsible for Tabacco :-P ;))))