Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Portuguese Jungle

We already have the tropical climate... too hot and rainy.. and now we are starting to have wild animals walking around... What comes next?

Police sealed off an area north of Lisbon today after two tigers escaped from a circus lorry.

Circus owner Miguel Chen blamed the incident on sabotage, saying that somebody had deliberately opened their trailer.

The lorry towing their trailer broke down late on Tuesday and was towed away for repairs.

The trailer was parked at the side of the road and guarded by a circus employee, but while he went off to fetch water for the animals the cage was opened.
There were 6 tigers in the cage.

Two animals escaped at around 6.30 am but circus handlers quickly managed to capture one of them.

The other, a tigress, that has been slightly injured, jumping a fence, was been cornered in an enclosure.

She was caught with the help of two tranquillizer shots, borrowed to the Lisbon zoo.

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